Contributing to Jewish Welfare in Johannesburg
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  The JWBS provides clothing for those who cannot clothe themselves.

It is summer and the sun is shining BUT the circumstances of the most needy members of our community have not changed: they remain in lockdown AND in need.

BECAUSE WE CARE, the JWBS BENEVOLENT CARE initiative will provide our  beneficiaries with summer packs containing new underwear, nighties, pyjamas, T-shirts, blouses, and tracksuits.   We hope these items will address the summer clothing needs of all our recipients AND convey that we care.

We cannot do this alone. BECAUSE YOU CARE, we urge you to donate via or by eft: JWBS, Nedbank, Siemert Rd branch, account no. 192 300 5359, reference: your name + CARE.

All donations will receive a section 18A Tax certificate.


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