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IWinter warmers packed this week by JWBS volunteers include NEW underwear, pyjamas, gowns, slippers, socks, vests, t-shirts & more.

These have been distributed to vulnerable members of our community who cannot purchase these items for themselves.

Should you wish to contribute to these winter packs via a donation or, perhaps in lieu of a Mother’s Day gift this year, please contact Gloria on 011 485 5232 for more information or donate via or eft: jwbs, Nedbank, account no.1923005359, reference: your name + winter.

These delicious Brandy Balls and Jam Squares were created by the Sandringham Square Baking and Kitchen Club, established with the assistance of the JWBS when we supplied the necessary equipment and ingredients for residents to bake and cook!
Wonderful treats are also being enjoyed by the Square’s Coffee Club and Book Club. Residents at Sandringham Square are provided with books on an ongoing basis by the JWBS and have established both a library and a bookclub as a result of this.
Good afternoon. i would just like to say on behalf of the Sandringham square baking club that we really appreciate the donation that you have sent to us. They are wonderful and we cant wait to get started in getting to work with them Thanks once again
Thank you so very very much for the beautiful Duvet Cover Sets that you gave us, we are so extremely greatful. They are beautiful and warm. When I saw them it brought tears to my eyes as my boys duvets are in a terrible condition and just in threads, now they can be warm and have proper duvets and bedding. We would never have been able to afford it on our own and the new sets brought us all such happiness, we are just extremely greatful for all your help and constant support. We would just like to thank you for everything and for all the wonderful brochas you do for us and may Hashem bless you all. All our love
Boxes of Books with love from the JWBS on their way to various residential facilities today, where so many residents have been in lockdowns since March 2020!
Dog treats and blanket for Arrow
Dedicated dog handlers at cemetery receiving biscuits
Arrow - security dog at West Park
The dedicated men who work at West Park Cemetery are truly exceptional, providing a vital and essential service to the community. Their commitment to their work is beyond measure and it is with huge gratitude that the JWBS says thank you to each one of them. It is our pleasure to have given them all R 1000 Pick 'n Pay voucher as a gift and as a token of our deep appreciation for their unyielding devotion to the community.
With grateful thanks to the CHARACTER GROUP, these stunning comforters have been given to some lucky boys & girls in the community. We hope they all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed packing & handing them out!
Summer packs on their way to their happy recipients
Summer packs on their way to their happy recipients
Summer pack currently being distributed to our community
JWBS activity pack
Happy Jaffa resident receiving her activity pack
Another happy Jaffa resident receiving his activity pack
And another happy Jaffa resident
Packing of our activity packs
Winter packs on their way to their recipients
Knee rugs knitted by our dedicated team of knitters

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