In 2020, the JWBS provided over 3000 NEW clothing packs to its beneficiaries: men, women, and children in our community who previously visited the JWBS Clothing Depot to obtain gently worn clothing.

The JWBS Clothing depot was closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19 and our beneficiaries’ essential needs had to be met in a different way. NEW Clothes, linen and other essentials are being given, on an ongoing basis, to residents of Sandringham Gardens, Sandringham Lodge and Square, the Selwyn Segal, recipients of kosher mobile meals, single Jewish moms, and other impoverished members of our community throughout Johannesburg. Clothing vouchers are provided for children whose parents cannot afford to purchase new clothing for them.

Clothing packs included NEW underwear, pyjamas, gowns, vests, t-shirts, slippers, socks, jerseys, tracksuits, scarves, shirts, sweaters and blankets.

It is 2021, and the JWBS drive to provide new clothing for those in need continues: hundreds of winter packs have already been distributed and each recipient has also received a warm jacket and toiletries for the winter.